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they sign the contract. >> jim miklaszewski joins us now. last word from the state department is that this is all still under review. >> oh, absolutely. and quite frankly, people here at the pentagon at the state department over at the white house are a little bit surprised that anybody in congress would be taken by surprise by this 2024 date for u.s. troops to remain in afghanistan to provide some type of training and assistance and even conduct counter terrorism operations well after the official combat role has ended in 2014 because president obama and hamid karzai signed an agreement, the strategic partnership agreement is what it's called, which laid out the 2024 deadline in may of 2012. a year and a half ago. but what the problem is that there are some details within the agreement that still have at the very highest levels of the government here in washington concerned and that is primarily that the karzai government is trying to put severe restrictions on the u.s. military capability to conduct some operations if necessary. for example, if they were on a base and somebo
that are shipping jobs overseas. they've even been used to block common sense and widely supported steps to protect more americans from gun violence. even as families of victims sat in the senate chamber and watched. and they prevented far too many talented americans from serving their country at a time when their country needs their talents the most. it's harmed our economy. and it's been harmful to our democracy. and it's brought us to the point where a simple majority vote no longer seems to be sufficient for anything. even routine business. through what is supposed to be the world's greatest deliberative body. i realize that neither party has been blameless. for these tactics. they have developed over years and it seems as if they have continually escalated. but today's pattern of obstruction, it just isn't normal. it's not what our founders envisioned. a deliberate and determined effort to obstruct everything, no matter what the merits, just to refight the results of an election is not normal and for the sake of future generations we can't let it become normal. so i support the step a majority
of the most powerful storms in history. u.s. marines and soldiers are on the ground right now in the philippines bringing relief supplies and helping with the search and recovery effort going on right now. aid workers and emergency officials are warning there's still virtually no contact with some parts of the country since the typhoon made landfall friday. officials are still working to get a full scope of the devastation. look at these images. more than 10,000 people are feared dead. and about 620,000 others have lost their homes. and general overseeing the u.s. response efforts described seeing bodies as he flew over this region. >> every building is either significantly damaged or destroyed. the streets are all closed. you can see with 15 to 25 foot wave came across entire villages. everything is wiped out. as the the philippine government and forces ask us for support, i've got airplanes and helicopters and airplanes that can look for people in areas that are stranded. >> and much of the country's infrastructure was destroyed by huge waves and winds up to 235 miles per ho
connections. with amtrak you're able to stay connected as well, via making a phone call or using internet. do you believe the airlines are feeling the pressure, i can buy my ticket with my smartphone, so this is a part of our daily habits, why not keep that extension going while on board your flight? >> of course on an airplane you're much more restricted and often you're on there for a very long time. and i of course traveled on buses and amtrak and they do have quiet cars and amtrak at least used to have in effect a private phone booths if you needed to make a phone call. >> we'll see what happens. the flight attendants association, union, anyway, have expressed their concerns. they feel they will be forced to police situations if people got loud and that would make an unsafe environment for them. happy thanksgiving, we appreciate you joining us today. >> thank you. >> betting on a bargain. shoppers have been lining up since last week for the black friday deals. are the advertised bargains really, are they really worth being in a princess castle there? >> advertised on page and 6 and 7 and
of commonalties which is would we're talking about it, namely the algation of a reckless use of george zimmerman's gun where he's in a situation where he's under stress. that's the commonalty between this and the incident two months ago with shellie zimmerman and in 2005 when he was accused of domestic violence by a former fiancee. he got one against her. >> legally, does the judge look at a person's state of mind. we've heard he may be $2 million in debt. there's talk of suicide. he's been pulled over a number of times for traffic violations and according to the girlfriend, there was a prior domestic violence incident but she did not report this. the police -- the judge is concerned enough about this relationship and the potential of it being a violent one, so much so that george zimmerman is not allowed to get his own possessions. so the state of mind, how is that factored into the amount of bail that's set here? >> right, so first of all, you're absolutely right. we now learned in the bond hearing that the girlfriend claims that a week ago george zimmerman was choking her. it's very common fo
channel's kyla grogan is joining us. people are panicking wondering if they'll get to their destination. >> it's just not going to be easy, tamron. here we are taking a live look at the radar. all of the rain tracking out of texas. look at that area in pink and blue. those are icy conditions and that's the danger that we have with these storms, the warm moist air from the gulf meeting up with incredibly fridge it arctic air from the north. that creates the icy conditions and that's why planes have a really tough time taking off and that's why the roads get incredibly dangerous. we're expecting this from little rock heading over into memphis, tennessee. as we get into tomorrow, that wintry mix and freezing rain tracking east and we're seeing it surprising places, north georgia, charlotte you as well. it's going to be a treacherous time on roads for anyone. we're looking at ice accumulation and it is possible everywhere you see in light purple as well. tomorrow, the northeast of course huge population center here. and we can see all of that purple and pink before the ice could be. along i
g cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >>> right now on "news nation," aid workers struggling to move in to help millions in the philippines fighting to find foot and water after that deadly super typhoon. a massive recall of salads and sandwiches, why some experts say problems like these will keep coming as long as food stores are not held responsible. >>> plus, the best man holiday, 12 years after fans fell in love with the original movie, morris chestnut and malcolm d. lee join me to tack about the sequel and the fight to get more diversity on the big screen. "news nation" is following hillary clinton's surging momentum. a new poll shows she's stronger than she's ever been with voters in the wake of governor chris christie's landslide victory last night, princeton research associates tested the water on how he would shape up against hillary clinton and the poll shows if the race were held today, clinton would win with 44% of adults to christie's 34%. what's even more impressive in this poll, how well
of the workforce. at some point, even though i recognize the utility of a monthly number that gives us the opportunity to have a conversation and americans, we're really going to have to talk about the fact it doesn't necessarily matter in it is 6.5 or 8.5, the jobs created are low paying health care services and bartenders and waiters and waitresses, and retail jobs seasonal, they pay really badly. we don't have that conversation. we create jobs good, no jobs bad. it's no so simple. >> we're talking about the wrong things. >> it's also true thgs a decent report. we should have a moment of recognizing you can understand and acknowledge strengths in the system without it simultaneously being a slap in the face to those not doing well. we need to have more balance how we discuss these challenges because it is equally true there are people doing well working hard and it thriving and there are people working hard and not thriving. >> the labor department also said that based on the numbers, there was little to no impact at all on these jobs numbers as a result of the government shutdown. >
but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. [ dad ] tide and downy together. >>> hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. the news nation is following breaking news. take a look, the senate is voting and is expected to pass enda, a bill that bans employers from discriminating against gays, bisexual, and transgendered people. but while the senate vote is historic, the bill may not ever get a vote in the house of representatives. house speaker john boehner has previously said he's opposed to taking up the legislation. before today's vote that's happening right now, senators called on the house to act. >> let the house vote on it. i am convinced if the house votes on this, it will pass the house and go to the president for his signature. >> speaker boehner, please, please do what is right for the american people. >> nearly every time the senate passes a bill, it's like we're banishing the issue to a faraway jail and speaker boehner's the prison warden. >> nbc's luke russert is o
>>> hi, everyone, "news nation" is following developing news this hour. for first time the u.s. supreme court will rule on whether for profit companies have religious freedom of the a challenge against president obama's health care law. the justices will consider if the law's requirement that employers offer free birth control coverage for employees violates a company's religious freedom. the white house has now responded with a statement saying in part, as a general matter, our policy is designed to ensure that health care decisions are made between a woman and her doctor. the president believes that no one, including the government, or for profit corporations to be able to dictate those decisions to women. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins us with more. pete, the comparisons to citizens united. >> reporter: rig >> in which the supreme court said that private corporations for profit corporations do have free speech rights when it comes to running campaign ads, now the court has to decide a different question, do the same companies have a freedom of religion. t
to keep it through 2015. joining us now, bill nelson. >> hey, tamron. >> the developments out of the house, the president said he would veto this. it is not expected to be taken up by the senate. do you believe there needs to be legislative changes considering some of the factors right now or are the words of the president and his discussions with insurance executives enough at this point? >> his words are enough. my own state of florida administration has agreed to go along. there's an administrative problem because we're close to january the 1st that these insurance companies have to refile these old plans. but where there's a will, there's a way. and they will get it done and the old plans can be in effect as the president announced yesterday, they can be in effect for another year until the president's promise basically is fulfilled. these are subpar policies. i understand that, tamron. >> from your perspective, why 39 of your colleagues, democrats, would vote for a plan that you and the white house have deemed from upton as subpar, not effective, not what the american people deserve a
into that terminal at that point. we'll get clear -- >> we have a witness on the phone with us, mike, joining me now by phone is nick pugh. what did you see? >> caller: i was standing on the upper mez nine and the guy started to shoot down below us. i escaped out an emergency exit. he probably shot, five, ten shots, sounded like an assault rifle or shotgun. >> for people who don't know, you're on the mezzanine level. how far were you from the gunman? >> probably 15 feet away from him. >> can you tell me more about his demeanor or once you heard the shots did you look down and see the direction and where it could be coming from? >> i didn't actually see the guy. we were on the upstairs mezzanine, where you first come in off the ground floor. where you might check in at first, where you show your i.d. and show your -- show your boarding pass, that's where i was -- that's where they stopped him or he started shooting or whatever. i was up above and he just started -- i mean the gunshots -- it was 15 feet away but down on a lower level at the base of the escalator which we just walked up. >> i imagine t
all for joining us. let me start with you, chris christie is still speaking here. you saw that confidence, that new jersey swagger, whatever you want to call it but also saw christie pushing the message of compromise today that not everyone gets everything they want. how does that affect his popularity or lack there of with the tea party and people he'll have to get past if his intention is to run for president. >> nothing better than hosting a press conference after winning a race by 22 percentage points. it must feel good to explain and talk about your message and victory. as far as what chris christie represents in 2016, we have a long time to go. we don't know how this idealogical divide playing in the republican party the last several months will continue over the next couple of years is going to play out. he does represent a strain of republicanism that is not the tea party at all. what he represents and he is very conservative, but that sometimes you need to make compromises and sometimes it benefits you to embrace the benefit of the opposition party, while still up
in this precinct in northern virginia which used to be a republican area but gone more towards democrats for the last few election cycles, turnout is around 20 to 25%. if you go around to other parts of northern virginia, there's reports of turnout being up. we're hearing increased turnout in the most southwest region of the state, around roanoke. but so far overall from folks i've spoken to over here, get individual anecdotes, they have said i used to be a republican but the republican party has left me. i heard that a number of times from voters who come up and talk to me here. more interesting enough, what you mentioned earlier, this is really a referendum on national issues. one issue in the back of voters mind, the government shutdown. so many federal workers were affected by that. so many contractors around that norfolk area depend on the military contracts and they were affected about that. that's something which is really turned the race in mcauliffe's favor. lastly sarvis, questions on whether or not he could get 10%. if he gets that high, that hurts cuccinelli. you could if mca
us live. this is one of a number of abortion related cases and high court is expected to consider soon. >> right, but consider the importance of what the court did here. as a technical legal matter, what the supreme court did here today, no presidential value and expressed no view on the laws and said we're not going to hear this case after all. consider the fact in the spring when it looked like enthuse law in oklahoma was to restrict not to ban the use of ru486 and one other pill for medicinal purposes the supreme court was willing to look at that. oklahoma said please take our appeal, the supreme court here says we can't enforce this law, the supreme court says yes. when the supreme court found out that the law essentially bans the use of these pills, the supreme court said we're not going to review a decision striking that down. that i would think is not a good sign to the advocates of these laws in other states. there are similar -- not identical but similar laws in texas and arizona, in ohio, and in north dakota. so the lower courts are all over the map on this. but i would
will be able to use the site completely. that's the goal we're going for. >> the white house technology officer and other key officials testified before the house oversight committee. the tough grilling included questions about the november 30th deadline along with concerns over privacy and security risks. one of the more intense exchanges came with republican congressman joe jordan pressed the panel about a report from a private contractor showing the site was not fully tested. >> you're the chief information officer of the united states of america. that's a pretty big title. you didn't know about this d. the biggest policy program website in the history of this country ever is launched. >> i haven't seen this document. >> mr. park, you're supposed to be the guy that's going to solve everything. you're clark kent coming out of the phone booth. >> there were heated exchanges between lawmakers and their colleagues across the aisle. take a listen. >> american people do not want to see a kangaroo court here. and the way this hearing has been conducted does not encourage good private sector people
. right now we're waiting chris murphy to talk with us shortly. we hope to have more details from him. the connecticut senator chris murphy in that meeting right now. he's set to join us very soon to give us more intel on what's going on behind those closed doors perhaps. >>> and moving on, embattled toronto mayor rob ford held yet another news conference in just the past couple of hours. this time he apologized for some crude remarks he made and also revealed for the very first time he's getting help from health care professionals, but he refused yet again to step down over his admitted use of crack and drinking. >> i fully realize in the past i have drank alcohol in excess. i wish you to know i'm receiving support from a team of health care professionals. i am taking accountability and receiving advice from people with expertise. i do not wish to comment on the particulars of this support. i wish you to understand i am accepting responsibility for the challenges i face. i would ask you, please, please, respect my family's privacy. >> joining me now live by phone, kevin donovan, an i
universal. those of us who lived through it, i was in the sixth grade in a catholic elementary school in norfolk, virginia, i've never to this day seen so many adults and children crying all at once. it was absolutely horrible. but just to reinforce another point, 200,000 people did show up on the streets of dallas. by the way, they were fairly teg rated crowds on the street. >> absolutely. even prior to with the faces of celebration and faces of pain, michael? >> remember when this was. five months after john kennedy set the first big civil rights big into congress ever, which said it was going to be passed that african-americans and everyone could use places of public accommodation. so this is someone who directly made the lives of african-americans an awful lot better. >> reed, speaking and larry, as well. growing up in texas and going through this path, so much of what i recall as a young child far years after this, was the talk of conspiracy and you've written about this, the number of people who believe in conspiracies. i think part of my childhood, many of the adults wanted to
us not into tem tags but deliver us from evil, amen. >> another survivor appeared on the "today" show this morning and broke down describing what he saw when he emerged from his basement. >> my neighbors' houses, i just couldn't believe so we went around, went to all of my neighbors' house looking for survivors. i've got neighbors crawling out of the basement. my son helped a gentleman that the roof had caved in on him. and it was just eerie silence. >> ron allen joins us. we see the shot behind you and see the debris. when you look at those aerial shots and see the enormity of damage and widespread damage, it really does give you just a punch in the gut thinking about those people and what they might be going through today and last night. >> reporter: it's pretty profound close up as well. when you look at the twisted piles of debris, they were homes where people lived, and where people went to their basements and survived and came out and this is what they found. if you look over here, there's a structure here that's really destroyed. the pipes are still leaking water, which is why
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)